6 Signs To Know If your Dog is Dehydrated

6 Signs To Know If your Dog is Dehydrated

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All dogs are at risk to suffer dehydration if they do not drink water, eat enough, or lose too many fluids. In fact, dogs are very similar to humans in the hydration process, so they need to have a proper ingestion of water to ensure their bodies work effectively 

According to the Memphis Veterinary Specialists & Emergency, dog dehydration is a common emergency and progressively may develop serious issues with internal dog organs, body temperature, joints, and digestion.  

There could be other reasons that affect your dog's dehydration as to severe illness and it is vital to be really attentive to your dog's health and seek veterinary attention if the following symptoms got critical:  



When a dog becomes lethargic it may be weak and unable to move the body well, sometimes it can be related to severe dehydration or other disorders such as anxiety, or other medical reasons. If you notice slow reactions or uninterest to play, you may try to give him some water. Carrying a bottle of water will be really useful to hydrate your dog every time. Our Nurich sports water bottle will be the perfect match for you because you can attach a cup for your pet. 


Sunken eyes:  

Buried eyes are one of the most noticeable effects of severe dehydration in a dog, because the dog's body will basically redistribute the fluids to keep the main organs under function, and as a result, some water is pulled out from the eyes.   


Excessive drooling:  

If your dog is drooling excessively that could be a sign of dehydration because in the lack of water, they will try to cool their bodies using the most basic tool they have: The drool. Hypersalivation is never normal in any type of animal and it needs to be treated.   


Loss of appetite:   

If you feel that your dog is not tempted to take some food even if you are showing his favorite one, it can be a sign of dehydration as well. You may try to give him some water and if he refuses to drink, you should take him to a vet. He could be dealing with a more serious problem.   


Dry nose:  

Most of the time the nose of a healthy dog is wet. A dry nose can be a sign of dehydration but also another medical issue, where fever is most common.  The dogs with dry noses will be monitored closely and hydrated as quickly as possible. Any sign of alarm may conduct him to a vet.   


Loss of skin elasticity:  

If you are a dog holder you may remind the sensation when you pull back the skin of your dog, right? Well, if have done it you may realize that skin springs back to the initial position right away. That is a sign of well-hydrated dog skin. If, for some reason the skin takes several seconds to be back as it was, your dog could be moderately dehydrated.  


We hope these 6 signs can help you to be careful with your dog and don’t be panic. Just keep the dog hydrated and if you can see any sign of unusual alarm consult with the vet.   


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