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About Us - Ocean Pollution

Our People

We're just a group of individuals with diverse backgrounds and from places of the world who love the ocean and share one common goal. Save the ocean. We started out with the best intentions but also with little knowledge of the environmental crisis we are in. The more aware we became, the harder it became to ignore. This is how our curiosity turned into passion and now we share everything with you with the hopes of making a difference.

Join us. Our oceans need us all.

Our Products

Creating a product that’s part stainless steel and part ocean-bound recycled plastic is no easy feat. However we can now confidently say we’ve created the most sustainably minded reusable bottle out there.

On brand with our belief to be transparent about everything we do, we have to admit when it comes to the bottle, it still leaves a carbon footprint. We’re working to provide a zero carbon bottle, but in the meantime we are making sure to clean up more than we waste.

What is equally important to us is creating a bottle that will last a lifetime, is easily recyclable and never breaks due to heavy impacts.

Our Sustainable Practices


It's not enough just to make things sustainably, we also want to invest in programs that replace the resources we've spent, which is where offsets come in. Each bottle we produce leaves a carbon footprint of up to 7kg of CO2 from recycling and reusing all the plastic that is collected.

We also believe in offsetting across other parts of the business such as partnering with businesses that are working to improve alternative energy, technology, and education.


We are nothing without the NuRich community and it's thanks to all of them in 4 countries for the support this far. We aim at creating a long term solution to protect of our oceans and reduce our impact on the environment. It's important to us and we're always looking for a way to reward others for doing so too.

We want our bottle to be the only bottle you ever need to purchase but we’re aware you may have some already sitting on the shelf at home. We'd still love to have you join our community.